Leadership Development

1. Leadership objectives

  • Context, roles and expectations.
  • Identifying, equipping, and mentoring current and new leaders.
  • Empowerment, ownership/accountability and recognition/reward - motivation - coaching.
  • Growth and contribution.
  • Outward connection - leading others to lead people to Christ.
  • Succession planning, workload balance, gaps and rotation.

2. Leadership skills

  • Kingdom building - Scripturally based
  • Authenticity/candor/self-awareness - maturity.
  • Relational Intelligence - stories, energy, conversational.
  • Listening, communication and perception skills - balancing grace and truth.
  • Authority and followership.
  • How to deal with people - giving feedback/receiving feedback.
  • Staffing teams and balance of skills.
  • Believing in other people and developing them.

3. How do we develop leaders?

  • Education, development, goals and measures.
  • Clarity of roles and expectations.
  • Giving opportunities to lead.
  • What are the best models?
  • Succession planning and next generation.
  • Ensure people are "centered" in what they do - knowledge and obedience.
  • Enable and coach the youth to develop their leaders - start early.

4. Measures of success

  • What gets measured gets done