Common Ministries

The Common Ministries of the United Brethren Church in Canada are dynamic efforts to bring our people and churches together to impact lives, churches, communities and our denomination in positive ways for eternity. Our purpose is to strengthen the ministry of local churches and enhance the connectedness of United Brethren people and churches in Canada. We are in the process of assessing, developing and implementing ministry streams and events for spiritual growth and bonding between individuals from our churches in Canada. We want to see individuals and churches mobilized for action on social issues as well.

The Common Ministries Leadership Team oversees initiatives in the areas of Adult Ministries, College and Careers Ministries and Student Ministries. We are privileged to have strong leadership for our Student Ministries and UB Youth Camps from Coordinator Mike Mackneer.

The Adult Ministries of the United Brethren Church in Canada are organized through various leadership teams of the denomination including the Common Ministries Leadership Team. Some of the events planned by the Leadership Development, Global Ministries and New Church Development teams target the adults of our denomination for discipleship, skill development, training and equipping for service in the local church, the community and around the world.

The Common Ministries Team plans and organizes events and common emphases from time to time to supplement these other events and emphases. Examples would be:

Young Adult Retreats

The Common Ministries Team works together with our local churches to occasionally plan Adult or Young Adults/College and Careers Retreats.


UB Youth Camps minister to 80-100 campers every year during the first three full weeks of August. We are happy to continue our partnership with Hidden Valley Camp in Paisley, ON. More info can be found by clicking the UB Youth Camps button to the left.

Marriage Enrichment

The UB Church in Canada is a partner denomination in the Mennonite and Brethren Marriage Encounter program. Marriage Encounter is an invitation to spend an entire weekend focusing on your spouse and your relationship with each other, working toward God's ideal for marriage. Encounter means "to meet again at a deeper level." You'll find the weekend to be orderly, informative, and structured. Marriage Encounter takes couples beyond the frustration, disappointments, or loneliness that can be a part of their everyday life. The weekend begins on a Friday night and continues through Sunday afternoon. During the weekend, a team of trained volunteer couples and clergy present a series of sharings centered around their own real life experiences. The purpose of each sharing is to inspire couples to come to understand their own feelings about various aspects of their marriage. The second step, sharing these feelings with each other, is accomplished through a method called dialogue. Dialogue gives husband and wife a time for personal reflection and exchange. Exchanges between spouses are conducted away from the group, in the privacy of their own room.

Fore more information on Marriage Encounter, please visit:


The Common Ministries Team also occasionally plans Christian Education and Leadership Conventions. In 2017 we partnered with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, USA for their National Conference/Convention and 250th Anniversary of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. Many of our pastors and church leaders attended this first rate event in Lancaster, PA and were further enriched and equipped to effectively minister for Christ in our local settings. Details on upcoming conventions will be posted here when available.

Volleyball Day

Scheduled occasionally. Many adults participate with our students in a fun day of interaction and friendly competition.

Adult Retreats

Some years an adult retreat is scheduled at a centre in Southern Ontario and many singles and couples gather for a time of friendship, refreshing, activity, relaxation and spiritual enrichment and challenge. Themes have included marriage enrichment, friendship evangelism training, prayer, "The Amazing Race", UB Crazy comedy weekend, and many more. Info will be posted when available on our next Adult Retreat.


The primary focus of our denomination is to change the culture in our local churches, to move toward being more outward focused Christians.

May God bless you on your spiritual journey.
- Mike Mackneer, Common Ministries Team Leader