Essential Services

The United Brethren Church in Canada operates as a collective organization. That is, every local UB church is connected to every other UB church through the Canadian Conference. In addition to each local church's ministry and mission in each of their communities, many of our initiatives and operational functions are addressed collectively. Every local church financially supports the common initiatives as well as provides volunteers to serve on committees and boards to administer many initiates. Examples would be United Brethren Camps, Canadian Missions, Church Growth etc.

What common initiatives are supported by the churches' financial contributions through geared to income assessments?

  • Pastors medical and dental extended health benefits
  • Pastors Retirement funds (pensions)
  • Insurance coverage Property and liability for all local churches
  • Supplementary retirement funds
  • Operating expenses for the Bishop's office
  • Pastoral Professional development
  • Scholarship funds for those seeking Higher Christian Education
  • Membership in National Associations (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Canadian Council of Christian Churches)
  • Global Outreach (Missions)
  • Leadership Development
  • New Church Development
  • Common Ministries
  • Essential Services expenses
  • Communications (Newsletters and Web site)

To oversee and facilitate sound business practices within the denomination

To administer Canadian Conference finances and resources

To oversee and facilitate Conference wide communications

Executive Leadership Team Leader:

Randy Magnus


Randy Magnus
Ricki Bristow


Ian Shaw, Chair
Rick Witmer
Shaun Somers
Randy Magnus
Brian Magnus, Ex Officio


Rick Witmer


Randy Magnus


- Web Site oversight, coordination and management
- National Bulletins and News Letters
- Manage and oversee denominational communications


- Administer and Monitor Incorporation Status Nationally and Locally
- Schedule and Manage Policy and Bylaw Review

To contact any of the above email